Coloring Cards

Neuroscience research shows that coloring is quite effective in releasing stress and calming our nervous systems. When the brain creates patterns through repetition and boundaries, it relaxes. So, coloring is a perfect way to settle any anxious thoughts and stay in the present moment. Plus, for many of us, it's a lot of fun! I've recently led retreatants in coloring sessions, and their experiences have been quite positive.

Sample of Coloring Card R3 colored in by Anne

I've designed 7 greeting cards for coloring. They are available in sets of 5, ($8.95 a set) with or without a 12-pack of coloring pencils ($2.50 extra):
1. 5-card Assorted packs (our selection, unless you note otherwise) OR
2. 5-card packs of all the same design A great gift for all ages!