Gift Certificate Redemption

How to redeem your gift certificate

Congratulations on receiving a Cards by Anne gift certificate! Please follow the steps at the right to redeem your gift certificate.

The value of your gift certificate represents the cost for a specific number of cards and the standard shipping fee for that number of cards.

Your gift certificate was purchased as a tax-free item. If you are a resident of PA, we are required to charge sales tax on your order. You can pay the tax balance with a credit card after you make the initial payment with your gift certificate.

If you want to order more items than are shown on your gift certificate, use your gift certificate as a first payment and then pay the remaining balance with a credit card.
Step 1: Choose Your Cards

Before supplying your gift certificate information as described below, please choose the cards you want and add them to your cart.

Step 2: Input Your Gift Certificate Information

Proceed to the check out page. Fill out the customer information, then choose the gift certificate option on the "payment type" drop-down menu. A gift certificate number box will appear into which you should record the code on the gift certificate.

If you are a registered user of our website, and the gift certificate has been associated with your account, a list of your active certificates will appear from which you can choose the appropriate code.